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Thursday, May 26th 2005

9:47 PM

Copy Cartoon Campy Comedy

Did I tell you I ventured out last weekend and saw a movie?  Must have slipped my mind.  I saw Monster In-Law.  The person I went with had a lot of laughs.  Sorry to say I wasn't amused.  I'm forty five.  Why does it seem like I've already seen everything at least twice.  I'm too young to feel this jaded.  Some one out there recommend a smart, funny, original comedy.  I know they're out there.  Thanks!
2 Say What?.

Posted by bryan:

Congratulations!! You've won the "Longest Top Standing Entry In A Daily Journal" Award!!
Tuesday, June 28th 2005 @ 6:31 PM

Posted by bryan:

bad news is you've learned that you have seen most of what they can do in movies.

good news is it only took you 2 times - and since they've made thousands of them, you're saving lots of time!
it took me 3 or 4 times to figure it out, but i'm only 44!

for funny smart original comedy it's arrested development (by Opie- on tv! go figger!)
Friday, May 27th 2005 @ 9:21 AM

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