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Tuesday, July 12th 2005

9:24 PM


It had to happen.  Another entry.  But wait.  Is it?  At first glance a surge of excitment floods the nervous system.  But a quick scan and hope fails.  It's a trick.  A visual illusion.  No entry at all.  Words, yes, but only just.   Frustration builds. Then anger.  Loyalty deserves more than this.  Ire turns to action.  Or inaction.  Yes.  A plan of inaction.  No one needs this.   A blog is a continuom.  A continuom that is spelled right.  Stagnation is death.  And what is worst than stagnation?  Glib, meaningless babble.  But wait.  Glib meaningless babble is the definition of Blog as interperted by millions.  And it has become the meaning of this blog, or so it seems today. 

Order is restored.
  It had to happen.
 Another entry.
12 Say What?.

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