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Wednesday, July 13th 2005

9:21 PM

Part One: Left Behind

I have been behind the IT curve.  So far down it wasn't even a curve.  I had a 5 year old computer (that's sixteen generations in IT years).  I had dial up.  Getting involved in creating my  web site peaked my intrest and I began to spend more time in front of the computer.  Christmas 2004 I purchases a new compter.  My world changed. Up, up the curve I went.  Next came DSL.  Zoom. I was dizzy with speed and motion and sound.   At my very finger tips I now had the power to discover, explore and create.  To create  mult-layered original music and burn it to a CD was my goal.  I bought audio recording studio software.  I bought educational software for instructions on how to use my new audio recording studio software.  I purchased a soundmixer.  I purchased a digital audio/video control center for digital cinema sound/discrete 6 ch amplifier.  I bought a shure microphone. I was ready....

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part II:   How Visuals Blinded Me

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