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Sunday, August 7th 2005

6:27 PM

Post Modern Ketchup

Technology has at last, albeit reluctantly, become my friend.  As of today, I am no longer one of the last of three Americans without a cell phone.   This feathery, silver phone is amazing, a ultilitarian thing of real beauty   

Cell phones are old news, I know.  But it's new to me and titillating.   According to the salesman, or "cell service representative", it's one of the most advanced phones
to-date (an important distinction since it will be outdated tomorrow) Even so, I purchased the most rudimentary call plan.  See, I intend  to use this phone only for emergencies.  I may finally be trudging my way into this new century, but I'm still a cheapskate.

P.S.  Let's keep my new cell phone our little secret.

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